School Motto

Students who encourage each other to achieve and improve themselves.

 Students who learn, Students who have sympathy, Students who have discipline.

Life at Daini J.H.S.

Daily Schedule

Monday Tuesday~Friday
SHR*・Reading 8:30 ~ 8:35
1st period 8:45 ~ 9:35
2nd period 9:45 ~ 10:35
3rd period 10:45 ~ 11:35
4th period 11:45 ~ 12:35
Lunch 12:35 ~ 13:10
Recess 13:10 ~ 13:45
Cleaning 13:45 ~ 13:55
5th period 14:05 ~ 14:55
6th period 15:05~15:55
SHR* 15:05~15:20 16:00~16:10

*SHR = Short HomeRoom

Short Homeroom
Students have a short homeroom and are given information for the day from their homeroom teacher.
The teacher checks to see if any students feel ill. Then students have time to read a book.


Students and teachers eat school lunch. It is healthy because nuturitionists plan it.
It is also very delicious.

Students have time to clean the school. All students are divided into small groups.
There are about 5 students in a group. Each group has an area of the school to clean: classrooms,
hallways, the entrance, stairs, the school gym, lavatories, the teachers'office, the principal's office,
the library, the nurse's office, and so on.


Club Activites

We have five club activities.These are baseball,volleball,soft tennis,table tennis,brass band.